s'mores cones for camping

s'mores cones for camping




Yield 6 cones

S'mores in a cone is a fun, less-mess version of the traditional camping dessert - perfect for little hands to hold!


8 waffle cones

150g mini marshmallows

250g chocolate chips

250g peanut butter chips

alfoil for wrapping


Mix together the marshmallows, chocolate and peanut butter chips. Then spoon the mixture into the cones.

Wrap the cones in alfoil and cook over a low heat, turning ocassionally until the inside has melted and is a deliciously gooey consistency.

To eat, unwrap the top and break pieces off the top of the cone to dip into the melted s'mores mixture.

Recipe by Cooker and a Looker - Australian Home Cooking at